King of the Woods


About the Author

The author

Richard Butterworth is a firm believer in the principles of Method Authoring. Method Authors, in case you don't know, assert that authenticity in literature can only come if the author has lived the experiences in their fiction and discovered the inner truths in the area that they choose to bring to the page. For example, before a Method Author can attempt a book about espionage, they must first spend at least five years learning spy trade-craft, and go undercover in a hostile country.

As such, in preparation for writing King of the Woods Richard spent twenty years getting drunk on homemade cider and lazing about in his mate's garden.

When not doing this, Dr Butterworth is an academic, programmer and tech-botherer. As an academic he has been writing all his life, but King of the Woods is his first foray into fiction. Or, as anyone who has read any of his academic papers will tell you, King of the Woods is his first intentional foray into fiction. He is married with one daughter and lives in East Finchley, near where the scout hut used to be.